Raiding Teammates


It would be fun to have some sort of training ground where you could fight your faction teammates. Both for fun and for setting up a better defence team. Or just make it possible to choose your faction members and raid them.


Great idea that’s been requested for just under 2 years now.


Indeed, but maybe on the new forums, where we are having some successful communication with developers, it may be seen. We should blow this post up and like the suggestion to show them how much this feature is desired.


“DIS” would be really good :sunglasses:


These developers don’t decide. Also you have to add part with “insert coins” so they would listen.


A coin per time you want to raid a teammate. I’d do that :slight_smile:


“Scopely likes this” - there. Now ask for a crate to buy with “friend raid” points and engine will suddenly stop to be broken for this kind of things (visual glitches etc).


I personally would love to raid my teammates! We are always talking about which defense would be better and building teams, it would nice to just be able to raid the teams they make and say which is better for sure.


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Hey guys - this is definitely on our radar and something that’s gaining steam for an upcoming update.

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We’re working through potential designs right now but it’s not at the stage where we can commit to a release window. Feel free to let Shane know if you have any specific ideas or requests for this.

Hot Topics - December 2017 - SR depot not refreshing

Can I get a

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This would be fantastic and LOOOOOOOOOONG overdue.


I like this!

I wonder what would be easier to build, this – or a training ground? I would guess this.

Thoughts @TheWalkerDude ?


How about just adding your factions bots into the mix you can find looking for a raid? Its a start, and cant be to hard to code?:wink:


Make the scene like that scene where the Dixon brothers are going toe-to-toe with a human audience!

Throw us a bone Scopely, and make it free-2-play, might encourage spending in other areas… :wink:


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