Raiding points lost compared to win ratios



i have been playing now for over a year. i win a raid and get from 6-25 raid points. But, when i loose a raid the majority of the time i loose 25 points! rather than 6-25. WTF. the ratio of points for a raid loss is fubar. This type of loss point ratio is BS. i did six raids, lost 4-6. lost over 65 raid points. won 2 raids and got 12 points! yup this is a great ratio! This type of Shit happens all the time! Even when I’m off-line and the AI auto resolves the raid against me. I win, i get 6 points, i loose the raid, i loose 25 points. So what is the sense of raiding? Anybody else seeing this happen to them?


Raid above your rank and win you get 25 pts. Raid below and win you get 6.

Get beat by someone below your rank and lose 25 defend and you get 6.

Broken scoring system. Wait until your at the top. There are so few opportunities to get 25 pts.


Only ones on top is players who ghost. Makes it further bs. But whatever raid won’t get you laid, so why sweat it.


Points earned off raids should be based on opponents team strength, not their rep. Case in point all these bots. Often the bots I face are based on the top 50 in my region so they arent easy. But because the system puts their rep around mine, if i lose, often I lose 25 rep. Yet that exact real team is ahead of me in the standings.


Yes except ghosting makes it have nothing to do with team strength regardless. The system is meaningless.


Lost 4-6… ouch.


Reputation doesn’t do much.I just raid people who have food and building mats


Make the points based on number of chars left on winning team (25, 20, 15, 10, 5) and (6, 5, 4, 3, 2), given you want to leave the amounts the same as before. I think Scopely can manage that math, and it’s not even RNG. Much like war scoring so there’s a precedent.

Makes the meaningless number more balanced. :+1:


Reputation points have no positive value so I don’t worry about them. I often have a single toon on defense. You will be judged by your teammates on your performance in faction events - which have nothing to do with “reputation points”.


You’re raiding wrong then :wink:

Keep your food below 100k and you won’t appear on anyone’s raid list… only in revenges.


Why building mats?


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