Raiding has lost all of it's fun



Seriously what the heck. Full of over strength bot teams that are next to impossible to beat, no more random easy ones, only matching with real players a couple hundred positions up in the rankings. I go from doing ok on raids to being a whipping boy once this goofy ass new leauge thing starts. Who asked for leauges? I really don’t even understand it and now have even more chat screens to shuffle through just to get to faction chat. Scopely please stop trying to drain the fun out of raiding!


Raiding actually matters now. Instead of meaningless rep, you get trophies for gear tickets and possibly even coins.


Should only need to raid in the next eight days roughly as many times as I have ever raided since starting this game to hit that last milestone too.

(Yes I know you get points elsewhere but still crazy)


There is a war going on so people are currently using their best defenses so the bots you face during this time are going to be more difficult as well.


Well, I’m currently ranked 19 with a few raids under my belt and my ranking never got worse. 22 the lowest. Soooo… yeah, 1200 free coins and a new Konrad. Plus, I usually stick to facing Barker/Rick teams who seem the easiest. Few Mirabelles. But yeah, I hate not seeing easy bot teams anymore.


The milestones should last the whole season, not just the seeding period.


That would be great, hopefully that is the case.


It is don’t worry. If you open the milestones tab it says season 1 and not only for… seeding


while im on crap silver mods I’m facing full gold mods revive shields only and on my baby account 2 ascendables and with the update I only find 4* and 5* never 6* to raid I dont think they update it correctly


Raiding has been so much easier since leagues started! Loving the cake drops too!


That’s not my experience.


War is over now. When I search it’s always bot teams now. Where are we supposed to get our wood from now? Bots only have 18k in wood. Not the 60-120k we were getting from raiding real people.

You need to fix this now. If it has to be bots then they need to carry 100k in wood like a lot of real people do.


THIS ^^^

I wouldnt think twice about raiding a bot if it gave better rewards


During raid tournaments, all I do is raid bots so I can avoid getting revenged. There I don’t mind the loss of wood but I was getting more than half of my daily wood from raiding real people. So now I can only get 150k from 6 raids vs the 600k I was getting. That’s a huge drop-off. Why can’t scopley figure this crap out?

Bots need to have way more wood if 95% of all searches result in a bot team because of leagues.


Bots are fun to raid but the trade off from raiding them aint fun at all, some bots in my region are placed as far as rank 10 and its kinda funny that no matter how long you search, its almost all bots everytime. there maybe a lucky roll of 1 or 2 from every 10 of my searches :joy::joy::joy:


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