Raiding Glitch 11.0

New glitch found where after I hit an enemy, the autolock goes away. It goes fast but for a quick second after I hit, the autolock goes away.

This is mild at times but sometimes results in autolock going away on that character completely, and having to reclick on the targeted character after each hit.

Unable to provide video unfortunately, but perhaps another beta player with the same issue could. Thanks.

@CombatMan @CombatDevIl @Agrajag

I wish i could select my target then click auto and keep auto lock on it.

You have to click your target while auto is on for them to be targeted.

Just adding to this thread


brother. You are a lotto slow

This has been a thing. Tap faster. Tipitytap Tap faster than you can dream of tapping.

Lol so true tho scopely fkn with ya

They fkn with all of us. I know the “auto detarget” happens in certain moments and chars during a raid. They are on to ya know brother

Ain’t no way of turning back. Deal with it my homie

Let me try to communicate this well with ya

clears throat

My homie, they ain’t messin with me brutha, when I hit multiple times with multiple people it still takes the auto-lock off, ya mean?

I’d put ot on auto but brutha, they gets me good, auto attack ain’t good my homie as the AI is junk, ya feel me?

(That was hard to type)


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