Raiding/Gaining Reputation


I’ve been playing this game since launch, and for a time, had held on pretty well to over 1k rep. I’d been in a guild that was targeted extensively and lost virtually all I’d had. Now I’m down to barely above zero, and have had a lot of difficulty winning raids consistently to gain the reputation back.
Looking for tips.

(My team I’ve been using - legendary Winter Shiva, legendary Winter Richard, legendary RTS Shane, 5* Something to Fear Maggie, and legendary ShivaForce Ezekiel.)


What leaders u have? Six star mirabelle is huge for attack for that leaderskill most players run carl/vincent teams and also get you a six star gov. Erika teams mirabelle active skill can help a ton with windowless teams just target the stun targets first then cleanse with mirabelle. Or pull for this promo and be a king in the words of negan.


Don’t have any of those. My other relatively decent characters are these:

Glenn (Something to Fear)
Tyrerese (with dual axes)
Governor (best defense)
Lee (no Time Left)
Negan (new threat 5*)
Negan (Kirkman Series)
Ezekiel (winter edition)
Sandy (RTS 1)
Shane (alert)
Yumiko RTS 1
Maggie (ANB)
Siddiq (call to arms)


Definitely ascend winter Ezekiel he is a boss(wasnt a fan in the beginning but realize later he is good)
Ascend siddiq for his command and hus rush is great on attack for controling and boosting the ap for a toon to go off in the same turn anyway.
New threat negan I like but u need six star greens.
Mirabelle is one of the best leaders in the game so keep competing for five star tokens till u pull her and get her ascended asap.
May have to use a five star lead for attack like blue romanov , limited edition negan, survival road Ezekiel till you get you some better leaderskills or just pull for leaders like Madison and winter Jesus.


OK! Will keep on pluggin’ away and hope to unlock those. Thanks. :slight_smile:


My best advice is to learn the most common leader skills and use that to predict the opponent’s teams and get a trait advantage going. For example: 6 star Miraboobs buffs ranged so most any team with her as lead will generally be 4/5 tough or alert opponents. So bring fast and tough and you’ll be able to do some solid damage with 2 trait advantages. (Same concept for melee teams, just use strong and alert.)

A downside is that your team’s leader skill likely won’t apply to 2 or 3 members, but you can workaround it with the right weapons or specialist skills.


Great avatar :slight_smile: