Raiding Copies aka Bots

The latest feedback topic from me is raiding and how the game makes due when a valid player is not found. You get matched up with a copy of a real players team. All players refer to these copies as bots.

These bots have the exact same team but lack some very important things. First the resources are always low and capped at a low level. Not really helpful for a player.

The ranking of the bot is not at all representivie of the team level that is contained. Just some random number. So I could be facing a top 10 team thinking it’s a rank 260 and get whipped out. Loosing a fair bit of rep I might add.

My suggestion is greatly increase food and wood bots have by at least ten fold. Give these bots ranking with in ten levels of what team they copied. Since they will never be removed at least make them reasonable.

Next is a big one and rankle I don’t think I have a solid solution just yet but rep gain and loss needs to better addressed. The gains and losses don’t make a ton of sense and can greatly effect a top ranked play. A lesser ranking. Is still effected but not as much seemingly. Playing field could be leveled out more for sure.

That’s all folks.

Personally, and I say this just for myself and nobody else, one of the main attraction of bots for me is the lower resources they give. I already have to craft tons of essences per day just to get rid of the excess wood. But that’s me. Maybe let bots resources be randomized anywhere from the lowest amount to the maximum amount?

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