Raiding can't compete

I can’t seem to be able to get a single wins in raids since I leveled up to s10+. And that’s exactly why I was holding on leveling my team. But S class happened and here I am. Now I can’t compete in raids tournament. Help scopely. It seems all the teams have stun and impair, I dont. Disarm, yeah no luck.

Show what your team is. Maybe you just need a better team composition to synergize your team.

I don’t run a disarm on most teams. Gold stun/impair resist mods are usually enough, similarly for impair (Piper’s active is also an option, although it will usually delay her rush so I often take the risk instead). A cleanse active can also be useful.

But you are right, upgrading your team can get you into a higher bracket, and it can take a while to figure out how to handle it. Stick through it and work on your weapons and mods.

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Why you don’t have disarm Earl?

I have two teams almost maxed. Eric, alpha, jax, wanderer, kal green guardian, Sandy red league store, christa, kapoor, negan yellow, Maggie blue with burn, Rick maim. The little girl with confuse. A few other ascendables. But no matter how I rearrange them I’m a joke

Don’t level up unless you really have to.

It seems like your team is badly unbalanced

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Go back to what worked out last time and either slowly build around your s classes or incorporate them into your team and learn to use them, duel and train

Very good advice!!

When I started ascending my toons it moved me up to S9++ , then Christa made me S10+ and now that I have Kapoor t2 too I’m S11. Its crazy. So I only battle Benny bots and do revenge. It burns up a lot of food and time. But until I can get my 123 perfect , that’s my way of raiding. I’m adding priya S class so there’s no telling what it’ll rank me. Hoping to add Harrison too if he stays in comics. Hope this helps.

I’m still raiding with my s9++ Diego team and still works, not a single s class active, although with them I can make an s12++ but no point raiding w them if I still can’t find where to put them and can’t find synergy with them in teams. Too bad poster didn’t get disarm Earl tho, dMichonne is in 5s wheel, would change his game if he could get her

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And as far as disarm, they are abt to be outdated with the release of the disarm mods. I already have half my teams equipped and all my s class are armed with them. So don’t be too sad you haven’t got earl. Soon it won’t matter at all.

Yes! Adding the s class made a huge diff in my stats. From S9++ to S11. You really need a good formation set up to compliment them before you implement them. But once it labels you S11 that’s what you’ll get in raids.

Lol if my Bruce doesn’t disarm cause mods he will stun

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:joy::joy::joy: they are mods for that too!!! Lol. Sorry but this struck me as funny. At least your staying optimistic! That’s all that matters! Enjoy!

There are only 2 possible spaces for resist mods, saying disarm is going to be useless is optimistic of you, mods are tiny miniskirt you cover something then other aspect gets uncovered, you get disarm and stun resist then Michonne would confuse you

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I think you just need team building help. For example, if you are using Eric as lead, that would explain a lot on why you’re not doing well.

Not using them in that order lol. Eric blue team green team. Etc. No the competitions just op. # can’t compete

Diego is in museum, redeemable w comics

F2p so I only have 15 comics. # can’t compete in raids/war/onslaught :frowning: