Raiding and making up Deficiency


With all the changes to the game and the addition of 6 stars players are running into deficiencies with:

  1. Food - Food production just needs to be increased to help allow us to upgrade all these toons . . . period.
  2. Survivors - Survivors should increase with the amount of energy used. Farming shouldn’t be such a chore. When war is on I should be able to farm 21-8 fewer times and get relatively the same amount of survivors as doing 7-1 4 times.
  3. Shirts and Gloves - Please add them to all levels. Farming 7-1 and the Thursday gear map is way to boring.
  4. Medals (Ascendancy) - Add to raiding or make a gold radio for people to farm. These should not be the limiting factor in the game especially with 6 stars offered on the wheel.
  5. Four and five Star Tokens (Ascendancy) - Add to raiding and not as a one time thing
  6. Gear - Elite gear needs to be farmable on the roadmap like rare and uncommon. This is the new uncommon. Merge rare and uncommon into one and add elite for silver walkie.

The game is becoming a grind. The 0 cost map isn’t bad due to free survivors and a potential good weapon ( .00001%). However, we shouldn’t have to spend all day in the game to keep up for events.