Raid upgrade Live 1on1 Combat

How super kewl would it be to have a live 1on1 raid battle with your enemy? like a chess match…but better. First hit could be decided with a coin flip or a zombie raid. You folks should make this happen to bring the fun back to raiding…folks are tired of the clones…just say’n


I’ve also thought about this. Would be interesting

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Zombie Raid bad Idea. The one with the Rocket Abe wins :D.

Better to do 2 or 4 Fights always to see who is better.

Bring abe and andrea lead only, everything dies instantly

What tacticssss

We have been asking for this for years. It wont happen.

Its incredible how much mileage they have gotten out of the tired 5 vs 5 model.

The AI isnt even smart, there is really no challenge left here with player vs AI

Done in a Pokemon style that would be fun

Glenn I choose you

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Im gucci, i take towers in 43 seconds

This isn’t a fighting game, which it seems is what many people want.

Watch someone play a mobile fighting game, it’s way too much tapping and way too fast for a phone

Hmmmmmm… and in the beginning of the year, they’ were supposed to implement way to practice teams with your fraction Mates. Like detector says…that was a lie.

nope lol it’s here lol