Raid trophy gain should be equal


was gonna compete in this tourney but what’s up with this point difference. are you intentionally sandbagging top players? not gonna drop almost twice the cans as someone else simply because your system decided the opponents I raid (which are top class teams and way harder) are worth less for some god unknown reason.

also hershell farm is bugged where it only still gives 6 rep and not 8 like before. it just takes away 1 point and adds it back in. fix you shit scope


The enemy is probably fighting someone else who is much tougher than the enemies you’re fighting. #1’s average is actually only 14.8 trophies per enemy. Yours is 11.05 trophies per enemy.

Those numbers seem off to begin with because a standard S1 team would get bots with 16-17 trophies consistently. Either y’all are fighting enemies way below your actual standards, or it’s a visual glitch and the system hasn’t caught up yet.


The hershe farm is just visual bug, check your logs cerberus. It should show the correct amount. :slight_smile:


All I receive is 11, too. It’s super unfair for other players to get 16 or above. If you rank high, no matter you use 4* team or 5* team or 6* team, you get 11. That’s how they treat top players, they crush your moral and they drag you down. Same in war, the weaker the better, scopely demands.


11 is extremely low… like team strength of B type of low… It’s actually pretty fair, because tougher teams take longer and are more difficult to win against, hence they reward more raid trophies. People with the highest team strength should be getting opponents that give extremely high raid trophies because the system matches them up with similar team strength enemies. Something is definitely off with those numbers however, as the top players in raids currently in my region are getting, on average, 20 trophies per enemy.


No, it’s about reputation rank, its not really about battle difficulties. I just saw a mate with S3+ team and similar trophies gains as those new players, but he ranks low.
Did Scopely screw us over with the reputation again?


I thought that they had said that trophies were based on player level not team strength, but could be wrong, is tough to tell because they raised the level at about the same time that 6 stars came out and team grades skyrocketed


It’s definitely more about team strength. I’m sure they had a definitive answer for this on the old forums, but I used to rock a S1 team for the longest time while everyone was running S2+ teams. My reputation rank has constantly been in the top 100, but the enemies the system was giving me(both real and bots) were of similar team strength. As such, I’d only get 16-17 trophies per enemy while the stronger players were getting, on average, 18-19 trophies per enemy. I took note of that and I’ve never gone for top 3 in a raid tournament because I know I’m at a disadvantage in terms of gaining points because I had a weaker team.

I noticed this as well with my second account, which was vastly weaker than my first. The enemies/bots he was getting paired up with were much weaker and of similar team strength, but the trophies he’s getting during raid tournaments was averaging 14-15.


Something seems really wrong with only getting 11 trophies per raid.


I agree. Something is wrong. In my region… players with 38 trophies like yourself have almost 800 trophies. How old is your region?


I collected data from top 11 players in the solo tournament leaderboard: their Team Rating, their trophy per raid, and their Reputation Rank.

Team Rating Trophy Reputation Rank

  1. S2+ 15.1 per raid Rank 94
  2. S1 15.2 per raid Rank 116
  3. S1+ 15.5 per raid Rank 88
  4. A+ 14.4 per raid Rank 520
  5. S1++ 15.6 per raid Rank 118
  6. S1+ 15.6 per raid Rank 277
  7. S1++ 16.1 per raid Rank 58
  8. a++ 15.1 per raid Rank 242
  9. S2+ 16.1 per raid Rank 74
  10. S2 15.8 per raid Rank 48
  11. S3 16.5 per raid Rank 21

All players here rank top 10 can only score around 11 trophies. but from 21 at least it seems, the trophies have varied largely but in average above 15. I can’t say if it’s because of team strenght, because S3 is almost as high as any team can be here.
The more logical reasoning is that if you raid a player who has a strong roster, you get more points, not necessary that you raid his best team, because we all put our farm leader out there and ghosting with the farming team.
This is so unfair, because if you have a bigger roster with bad ass toons, people get more points from you then you do from them, even though you only put up a A+ farming team out there.


By team strength, I don’t mean the attacking players’ team strength, but rather the highest possible team strength for the defending player. Regardless, those numbers are very off. Both of my accounts are averaging 17+ trophies per enemy, and I’ve been only fighting like S2 teams.


that makes more sense, this is the same way how they f**k up the war matching system.


These trophies?


Same. Also, a note: avenging faction members is risky during tournaments. If you’re avenging a lower-ranked player, who was also raided by a lower-ranked player, the trophies will be less than a raid that the system matches you up with naturally.


21.16 trophies is my average so far


21.17 my average… Level 115, S5 raid team


The OP is in DADE, one of the oldest regions.

All of us in the top 10 only get 9-11 trophies per raid. Its because 90% of our region only started in it a month or so ago when we reppened. We have to grind twice as hard to get in the top 100 leaderboard. Let alone the top 10.