Raid Trophies Bugged or Broken


Why did I have to have 100 more attacks in raid tourney to achieve the same trophy score as number 2 and 3. Why am I getting punished for being stronger? Completely unfair and cost me tons of cans


That sucks, i have a score of 2923 with 128 wins. I’m not even in the top 100 with my score lol.


perhaps they r getting more trophies per raid? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yea not fair at all, by the looks of it the big buyers of the game are getting shattered once again, in true scopely style


IT all depends on the level of the player you are facing. Since you have more attacks to get the same amount of trophies as someone else, it shows you like to feed off of weaker teams and skip the stronger ones. If you constantly challenge yourself by raiding people higher than you then you will get more trophies. Wins dont mean anything, its all about trophies


What kind of teams are y’all fighting…

#1 is getting like 10.3 raid points on average per win.
#2 is getting 14 raid points on average per win
#3 is getting 15.7 raid points on average per win…

Meanwhile in the last raid tournament, I was getting 22.5 raid points on average per win.


You are wrong. I raided some weaker team (C,B+,…) and got 24 but with the team was very strong (Ezika, magna…), only 22 or 23


Just because you cant beat those teams doesn’t make me wrong. Trophies mean more than wins and raiding teams higher than you gives you the most trophies


Remember, trophies aren’t set based on the actual strength of the team you face, but the strength of the strongest team the player you’re attacking has ever had.

So, hit a day 1 noob with a team of 3★ and you’ll get a pitiful amount. Hit an S10 whale (or his bot) with a single 1★ as defence and you’ll probably get 24 trophies


You likely raided bot teams that copied off strong players, who happened to use weak teams so that people can have easy raid points.


I’m just auto attacking one after the other


So the consensus is I get fucked because my account is so much stronger than everyone else’s…

Scopely that’s crap and it should be fixed


It’s all about team strength for trophies b4 I’ve gotting more off a player ranked in the 200s than a top 100


It’s been like that forever that’s why I never got why people put up 1 toon def outside of raid tournaments they are they 1s who think it goes by rep for trophies


You’re actually supposed to get more raid points because you’re getting bots from strong players.


To help others get milestones easily.


I’m talking outside of raid tournaments on the part about 1 toon def


I don’t drop my in either region I face real def about 80% of the time in main region. 2nd region about 90-95% of the time


Help people get league points or farm treasure maps…


I found it funny when a prestige 12 actually loses to my free built def