Raid tourny drops?

We’re are supposed to get a chance at boxes to drop from raids during a tournament. I know I saw that somewhere anyone know why they are not dropping. And for some reason it’s not letting me tag jb on this.


This is probably what you remember.

True but then they said this a few days later

Edit: What I quoted was posted 1 day later.


Just got reminded of this.

The wording of that post suggests just one thing to me - they need to include drop crates in one more raid tourney because they said “tournaments” (plural). After they do that, they’ve done everything they’ve committed to. Having said that, we’ve given a lot of feedback that drop crates are very popular, so hopefully they include more.


Hi LG did you all give them feedback about the Typhoon event to :man_shrugging:t3:

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That’s a bit too literal. They should have stated 2 raid tournaments then. When you have a plural statement, I’m not sure the implication is 2.

A couple, a few, most, many, all. Lots of different qualifiers but I’ve generally never read a plural of a word and assumed 2.

Drop crates actually gave me hope of getting S Class Pete after they stopped those I knew it was futile

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We got an overview just before it dropped, so there wasn’t any time to make any significant changes. The gist of our feedback was this:

  • We should get more advanced notice of events coming up (2 weeks was our suggestion; it may not be reasonable)
  • The toon was meh, but the real reward here is the S Class collectibles
  • They should stop putting items in the game (daoist prayer beads) where we have no idea what they’re going to be used for.

Are u in PC ?

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For the record, I’m not saying they’re planning to do only 2. I’m saying if they don’t do at least 2, then the initial post was incorrect. I have no idea how many they’re going to do.

Ty LG appreciate it🤗

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