Raid Tourney Rewards

So they gave lots of benedicts then went back to trash for the anniversary lol.

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They can put their shit baloons up their ass.


I’m doing raid only for the faction meta, for the next solo I will miss for sure, don’t worth the effort and raid cans are so valuable

I’d rather get all milestones in Raid than not making most milestones in war actually.

What a shizzshow. At least the stash is totally not worth it, so I won’t miss out on anything good.


Raids rewards are trash. Anniversary event is trash. Scopely still sux


Unfortunately, they still think that they are awesome. That is the problem


I’m thinking this to now (not bothered Sergio is such a hard pass):joy:

OMG geez that is awful :frowning:

Now that conjures up an image I would much rather have not imagined.

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I got the same amount of balloons and it only took me 1 hour to hit my raid milestones. I guess non ToC won this round lol

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