Raid tournaments/ bots

Hello everyone, I have a debate going on how the raid system works and how real players teams are copied and made in to bots.

I recieved information a few weeks ago by a player who has been playing this game going on 4 years and knows just about all there is about the game. He told me how scopely acans the pmaysrs teams 8 to 12 hours before raid tournaments, to make the teams into bots. We used this strategy to make easy bot copies of teams and it did work. I was also told by another play we were wrong and bots are made frequently and even if you keep defense lowered during tournament bots will still be made, which this theory was proved wrong as plenty of players in our region dropped their defense during the tournament and we did not see a single copy of the lowered defense on their teams as the scan had already been completed prior to launch of the event.

My friend got his information off of JB years ago on how this works. This person involved in the debate is adamant despite the proof that we are wrong and don’t know what we are talking about . Is there any way more people can confirm this to be true or I can get a hold of an scopely employee to help re confirm this?

We are trying to help the region but it is hard with players who refuse to see very experienced players tried and true methods and just want what is best for Everyone. All help is greatly appreciated as we know this information to be correct it just having a hard time getting certain players to grasp this. Scopely does not have the time to constantly refresh bots, and the game would crash often. .thank you!!


Bots have to be made, without them there wouldn’t be enough opponents. I have seen bots that have changed. I don’t know the refresh frequency but if you changed a lowered defence over a long tournament, someone would expect to encounter your lowered bot.

I don’t have any proof, but there is quite often a “bell curve” in dropped defences. At the start, there aren’t many as people don’t tend to drop until event kicks off. In the middle there are loads and towards the end people start to raise them again to prevent others from having an easy ride when (hot trash) prizes are at stake.


We drop in our region it works just fine little bots everywhere

Yeah I’ve seen lowered bot amounts increased vastly during tourneys after people lower.


I’m sure bots get scanned throughout the tournament, as the others have stated, you sometimes see more as the event goes on.

In relation to not seeing a specific players bot, that is just the usual RNG of the bot selection, the same way your raid rotation works. Some players experience more bots than others and different bots than others.

In my current and last region we lower def… then aim to hit only bots… my low d team is straight up 5 shirtless axel 3*s. I know from experience other players have found my bot copy…

As said at the start they are few low def bots but then once up an running people drop and there copies are plenty…

Surely you must have an odd troll in region who sticks a trainer as lead with rock solid team behind which causes annoyance when hit the bot…

The copies are made and released due to fact do many players shield is up or they raiding non stop so can’t be hit so there is need for opponements of similar level as your rep rank

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Is there any way I can write JB or his replacement? Or a representative of scopley to confirm? I want to get down to the bottom of this because my information came from someone who has been playing for 4 years and he was saying how JB had gave the information that bots are scanned before raid tournaments and not after. Copies of the already made copies of the bots are made but not fresh teams. He had not been wrong on the information he gives yet although I would like to get in touch with someone who works with scopely to confirm everything and find out how the bot system works. To see which information is completely correct. And technically I really can’t say either is right until I hear it from the employees themselves. I am judt the type of person to get 100 percent definitive on the information I get. So when I share it I know it’s a fact. And the fact I an unsure bothers me. So if can point me in the right direction that would be great, but thanks for the input I have heard mixed answers.

They dont care. 99% of stuff on forums gets ignored.

They are not going to tell you that get real move on. And fyi your source is wrong.

I dont know the refresh rate for so called scanning
But it typically happen as soon as everyone lowers their defences as well it goes back up as soon as everyone raises their defences.
But I have noticed that I no longer find my defense which I used to do quite frequently.

They won’t tell you.

Plus if it came from JB it was most likely half baked…

P. S. I’m a four year player too. I recall vividly a faction mate being an asshat by setting a Benedict lead time with four OP toons around him. In the five star era you could make a defending team able to defend like that with the right OP premiers. Global blew up with rage, so naturally he kept switching the lead and they kept falling for it. But the lesson was that his bot changed everytime his defence changed

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JB hasn’t been here for yrs.