Raid tournament?

Anyone else got a random faction raid tourney show up. Dont think it was on the calendar

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Yes Barrow has it. Kind of wish we could get a heads up about faction tournaments. We were working on moving people around and now they’re stuck @kalishane



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The blue bags are food. The boxes are 2/3/4/5* trainers

Barrow here too, this the second in a row random faction tournament

Yep. Sumter got it.

I know that people wanted fodder but I really cant see the point in this one. Even if it was golden nuggets it would be better

no faction raid in winston. @kalishane could you please explain why other regions get a advantage for the next crws? at least a benedict more than we get and more food for leveling up… second time winston gets screwed @Bakir

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If there is any golden nuggets drops we want one ! Otherwise not interested :sweat_smile:

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Wann war das erste mal?

vor 2 oder 3 tagen gabs schon mal so n ĂĽberraschungsevent, halt nur nicht bei uns

Event up in Colbert too… it’s the exact same rewards as the weekend tourney… Seriously don’t know what’s going on… the least they could have done was give out gold nuggets in the event…

Be happy u got the event. I don’t have the raid event and didn’t get the fac level the other day

Yeah, well that’s the positive point to look at

Because we are better!

Okay I see why the level up was on certain regions as a test but why are only certain regions getting raids. My region got neither event but I could sure use some trainers especially benedict and food right now. Smh

My best guess is that its to try to make up for the resources that those regions used in the surprise level up event.

@kalishane was there supposed to be a raid tournament or no? It isnt on the event calendar