Raid timer shortened


Why was the raid timer shortened to 3 minutes? Just tested this on raids and duels just to see how long it took before time out happened and they were both at 3 minutes. Didn’t it used to be 5 minutes if I remember correctly?


We need more timeout wins, like blitz chess. Imo they should have limited number of turns to win, it happened to me at least 100 times to loose because I had important call.


It eventually helps during war not being stuck in endless tank battles while being destroyed yourselves.


There is flee button in right upper corner btw, it isn’t turn limited.


Yet another dick move. Don’t even know why I bother with this ame anymore…


No, I’m pretty sure it’s always been 3 minutes.


@Katolo is right. Its always been 3 minutes.


I assumed because the “find a new opponent” timer is 5, then raids must be too. Never timed them though.


It does seem a LOT shorter time with the new friendly duels. Any losses I’ve had are due to time out.

But I guess it just seems shorter lol


You are probably consistently raiding stronger opponents too though, if you are in a decent faction.


How long is the war timer? 5 minutes?


Just above 6 minutes


Also, don’t wanna lose to faction mates lol


Top secret team names redacted by the CIA

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