Raid time running out instantly

So as soon as i started a raid the raid was lost due to running out of time instantly.

This has happened in the past many times, but this time it happened during a raid tournament. Please return my raid energy, as i am now behind in raid trophies for the tournament, due to a bug.
@kalishane @CombatDevIl @CombatMan @TheWalkerDude @Shawn.Scopely @Andrea_Scopely

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It happens on survival road aswell when you open up your game wait a little bit to game sync time otherwise if syncs when you start raid your raid start time will be past and timer runs out asap. Better to let game catch up at start

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Initially they were denying returing the lost energy, 4 times it was denied

After informing support i’d ask for support in the forums, i was compensated for the bug

You can delete this thread now @kalishane


It happens to me sometimes when the in-game update is launched after I raid someone.
This bug hasn’t been fixed yet lmao