Raid time out glitch


So started a raid, hit 2 turns and BAM says time out, lost the raid energy and 25 rep. I’ve raid near 8k times on this server and 19k on others, never had I been kicked out a raid a few seconds in. These glitches are really putting me off the game. First hit in territories this morning made game crash, then this raid glitch. Starting to be more worry about if something will glitch or not, then the game is worth. To many other things glitchy to keep adding to the pile.


This has been answered so many times. I bet you just opened game. Wait a min before raiding as the in game time needs to update


No was on the game raiding and leveling for 30 min when this finally occurred.


Seen the other plenty but not that then. But if you do happen to close game even briefly, makr sute you wait before raiding


My theory on this is that the timer that says finding player in: 5:00, is counting as your raid time. I don’t know if it’s like this every raid but sometimes when it’s at like 10 secs I start a raid and it immediately shows that I have ten seconds before I lose. Pretty sure this is a glitch @JB.Scopely


I used to though it was hackers ways of winning, by making you time out but I was a pleb when i first started soooo, yeah


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Hey, sorry I missed this one!

I will log it and have it checked.


I agree with you, raids are worser. I thin i am going to quit.