Raid time limits need to be increased

Dear scopely, I’ve read a lot of other comments on this so I know I’m not alone. The raid time limit is way to short. There’s only one reason I can see to have a raid time limit, and that’s to stop people from starting an attack but then not using actions and therefore not really participating any further, or having a team solely based on defence and not attack. These days with new limited edition characters being introduced and veteran rings, it’s taking more and more time to beat someone as the defence & hp stats have gotten so much higher.
The fact that the time limits haven’t increased shows a real lack of understanding from the people in charge of the game. Me and many of my fellow players aren’t asking for infinite time limits, but it should really be around 10 minutes so people actually have a chance to implement a strategy, and so that the best will actually win (which is the whole damn point of raiding!), it’s also ridiculous that you could almost have someone finished off and lose because time ran out. I can’t comprehend why this modification hasn’t already been done already and I would bet my house that if it were put down to a vote, the vast majority of players would be in favour of this.

Scopely it really wouldn’t be that hard for you to do. Please show some respect to the thousands of people who have played your game and paid money in your game, by actually listening to what we have to say.
Thank you.


Yup I’m with you and have been advocating for longer raid times for quite some time now. At least make them 5 minutes instead of of 3

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Arenas and War both have 5mins not 3 so I don’t see why not increase it to 5 mins.
The problem atm is that many players don’t have the tools to deal with both Pete and Kapoors healing actives combined with the huge increase in Sclass hp and def. Let alone the Pete and Mia revives.

If they don’t change it, try and get Laopo, even at 6 star she shuts all that down, but yes - it does make the raids longer, but still short enough to beat the timer.

I think 10 minutes may be much too long, but the timer definitely needs to be increased.

  • The game has become much more complex, and will become even more so with 5* weapons. Give us time to check weapons, mods etc. and devise a proper strategy.
  • Animations take longer now, as there is all sorts of stuff going on - bleed/burn, active skills, that weird delay that sometimes happens with double attack etc.
  • Speed is its own reward - you get to do more attacks in the same time. There is no need to be quite as punishing.

Make the raid timer more like the war timer, or maybe in between.


So you are going to take 60 minutes to do 6 raids. No thank you, 3 minutes is perfect.

You have 3 minutes to win the raid
That’s the challenge
If you can’t win in the alloted time then you lose.
It’s simple.


I agree. You should be completing most raids in under 1 min. If you can’t, there’s no way you can be competitive during tournaments or war, so increasing the timer isn’t going to help. You need to be able to run through camps fast.

Not trying to be mean to the poster, but you need team help to gain speed in your attack strategy, not more time to execute.


OR… some people like to inspect all the enemies and figure out a strategy because they don’t have a god squad, maybe?? Smh


@Jacko50610 @DrJank - Feedback received and passed on :slight_smile:


Thanks @GR.Scopely. For once I’m not going to ask about Jonesgate (tomorrow morning again), but could you have a look at this:

We confirmed downthread that there is a translation error in one of the premium weapons (and probably the craftable ones too), such that the weapon trait desciption is simply wrong. This applies to the German translation, and I’ve added a suggested change that would solve the issue.

disagree, 3 mins is enough time


I agree I haven’t seen the timer pop up in a while and if I do 4 of my toons are dead already so theres no point of continuing. Just flee and move to the next

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Not a whale here. Barely a small Dolphin.
My entire Attack team is FTP. Hardly a “God Squad.” Only 2 S-class on attack are Priya and Christa. My other 3 were obtained through comics, League Store and token wheels. Yet, I can still kill most teams by turn 3 or 4.

Like I said, you probably just need some team help to strategize how you can speed up your attacks.

Thanks for the bump - I will push this to the higher powers :slight_smile:

I have plenty team, enough to smoke anyone and I haven’t run into a team that I can’t beat in absolutely ages… So… Really don’t know what the point is. Otoh, A) it can be fun to read and digest the multitude of upgrades and modifications on some teams, such as those that use relatively uncommon characters; B) it can be fun to play other styles of teams that maybe can’t kill half your team by turn 4, so why prevent us; and C), probably most importantly, who the hell cares if someone wants to spend 10 minutes in 1 raid? It doesn’t affect anyone except that person

I agree, but it is so much more than just this one issue. They need to grow existing features when they introduce new things to the game, especially the features directly related to said new thing.

Stronger characters are introduced, both 6* and noe S class, but nothing else changes. We need more roster slots for trainers and doubles of S class as well as more ways to get gear, yet they haven’t addressed any of these issues.

They introduce 5* weapons and our inventory doesn’t get any larger to accommodate the new weapons.

Wheel after wheel, token after token, prize structure after prize structure come and go and are still full of crap rewards that haven’t been updated for the new features.

No new roadmaps after the features initial rollout, months before new items appear in the depot or anywhere else we can acquire them.

Where’s the flag maps for dual specialists? What’s the point of being an SC member anymore? How many more current and old features will be ignored or left to rot while Scopely keeps rolling out broken content nobody asked for?

Take that shit to the team…

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