Raid summary for enemy raiders?

Would it be possible to get the raid summary screen from enemy faction raiders? Similar to those from friendly duels? I think it would be a very informative addition. With the current setup if I defend the raid I can’t actually see who they raided with. Thoughts?


Meaning this

Instead of this


God yes please

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I would love this.

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I want to see how many turns I can stall attackers for lol.

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Turns would be enough. Make it happen. Small addition.

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Holy crap 23 ap used? Were you stalling that seems high, i usually see 4 or 5 to kill a group

He has two stun Katana and two stun shiva claws. It was a grind.

26 turnos??? casi pierde por tiempo!!!

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+1, I’ll finally see how bad are other players