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I have a suggestion that would make this game a lot better for me. I recently got a 6* Aris from Premier Recruits, so i put her in my team. This made my team S1+, which puts me up against other S1+ teams. Problem is, i still have 3* characters in my team, which die after 2 turns. In other words: i wasn’t winning a lot of raids anymore, since my team isn’t good, only 1 of the characters in my team is. So i thought: “ok, i’ll just use my lower rated team to battle lower rated teams as well” But i kept getting matched up against S1+ teams, since i once had a S1+ team. So i can’t win a lot of raids anymore. My suggestion is: change the matchmaking system to what team the player is using at that moment, not the best team he/she once had. ‬

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Bad idea. One could match with a C team then fight with a S5 team.

Have you only just started playing the game? One would assume you’d at least have a team full of 4* as it doesnt take long to obtain plenty of 4’s…


Agreed that it’d be too easy to game the system that way, but something should be done to counteract the lopsided matchmaking.

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Hmm, yeah good point. Maybe once you find a C team you can only use a C team or lower? And i have 3* doc stevens as leader because he’s the only medic i have, and the only character with a half decent leader skill i have.

Hang in there, it wont take long to get your roster strength up.

I can tell you it is a nice feeling when you get that extra toon and you start smashing raids again!

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