Raid shadow legends Tapjoy

Double coins, like 4k something but only have 7 days to get two 5* characters, anyone play this or do this offer? Easy to do? Also heard this game is a lot of fun so i may keep playing it.

I have done the 1 hour to 5 * about 3 times now (different devices) and can do it in about 5 hours but its alot of continuous grinding non stop. th 2 I would think would take the whole 7 days

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Sounds possible, most of these other games give new players all kinds of boosters/speed ups also.

How is the game itself?

I played it for a bit after I completed the tapjoy offer, and they give a ton more stuff to their players unlike scopely.
However, the gameplay itself, at least from what I played, was just the usual get characters, lvl characters go into lvl and hit auto and see the flashy animations play. So it’s fine, just not my cup of tea.


its alot of auto play, and they bombard you with offers constantly I bit I found it enjoyable to do it 3 times I am now going to try and do the 2 5* like you i will buy the starter pack tho just to help

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Lolololol to the elf chick that got eaten at the start by that dragon hahaha :rofl:

Any advice tho or do i just play the missions and auto and hope for the 5* that i need?

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basically just play the campaign and see how far you can get using as few a toons wach stage as it gives more xp to each character, you need to get a 4* to level 40 and then will need 4 more 4* at level 1 or higher ect to then upgrade to a 5*. I had to get 3 level 3 characters to level 30 then used 3 other 3 * to upgrade them a 4* hope that makes sense lol


Yes it does! Thank you!

try not to use anything less than 2 * to level to start with and in event milestones there is usually some xp just which will help to level really quickly so look out for them

No way, did 1 5 star in about a single day, get yourself something to watch and Level the shit out of those toons. Highly boring but works fine.

once you have done it the 1st time you know exactly how to do it the next so greatly speeds things up for the 1st 5*. last time we had a raid tournament on in rts so I was ait raiding and watching a series on netflix

I have two 3* right now, i have 2 days of xp boost and i got that 7 day trial thing also. Kinda boring tbh, i just press 2x auto lol

Thats what it is. Just do that the whole time and dont bother about anything else. Dont make the First 5 star the Moment you can, prepare the second 5star. Might be difficult space wise but you wont lose combat strenght.

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Thank you!

Yeah it’s doable. Just a lot of grinding and smushing characters together until you get it

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4k coins? Even with double mine is 1000 :joy::joy:

Yeah 1 5star gave 1k, dunno why 2 of those a valued much more. Sadly you cant do both on one device.

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