Raid scores bugged on certain accounts

Ive been in touch with support regarding this matter. on one of my accounts (Level 150) team grade 13 etc ive had 2 raid events where my trophy score is and always around 19-22 trophies each raid.

Im aware of team grade being a factor but i have spoken with many people who have very good team grades (5 S-Class toons) and they average 22-35 trophies every so often.

Ihave fought lowered defenses but also high defenses with 2 S-class toons and still get 20 odd trophies.

It certainly shows during raid events when you have over 60 wins over the other player who has 300 more trophies than you.

Things need to be corrected quickly as its always something when beta updates or a new one is put in place for main regions … if its not pull problems (not getting a single 5* during a 40 pull once its been updated etc) its something else

I understand about the team grade differences thats why i generally hit harder teams anyway but i dont want to think this game will penalise me during events because i paid money to upgrade my roster to find i have to pay more in raid cans for the privilege to compete with other players who can possibly get double the scores in 1 raid than i can.

Its time to get real answers for all of these bugs/issues coming out that costs people money in events

Another phantom “bug” by clemo… add it to the list :sleeping:

I think it has to do with your raid defense when I drop my defense to an A or B team I get 24 to 26 trophies in raids regardless of my attack team grade but when I have a strong team in my defense like S10 or S11 then I usually get around 20 to 22 points per raid

9 wins ahead, 643 trophies below


This is not a phantom bug … this is happening more than acceptable, support in game dont know their arse from their albow, no help. Nothing gets sorted … Just the same with pull odds

something is ALWAYS wrong

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