Raid Scores are broken

Raids have been off for a while now but this event has shown a complete transparency on how scores are now messed up or bugged

i have a good team and can auto many defs, some with S-Class toons … i may need to start a few hits on some but i usually get 20 trophies now, i assumed it may work as arenas does where somene who has a great def lowers you get high scores but its not, i thought maybe they/you have changed it so that low defs give low scores but im still getting 20 on high defs with all 6* and or with S class.

i myself and others are seeing players with 40 or 50 trophies and were low defs, and the leaderboards are showing this problem.

I have someone with 150 wins and has 77 points above me and i have 178 wins

THATS 28 wins more … you cant be telling me this is working as intended … again i auto run almost all defs, whether its easy or hard defs, but the scores remain low and random


That was freaky as anything. I saw this as soon as it popped up. I had been getting 24-27 raid points every single time (I’m on 3180 so it’s been a fair few). Then I’ve just made a raid in-game and for the first time ever in all the years I’ve played this game, I got 34 raid points. What’s that about?!?

Note that it was a single 3 star Axel

I’ve been getting 41+ trophies against my region’s whale’s drop d bots. I think it’s related to highest team grade and not the actual defense you face

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Its not, ive seen with both my accounts, my one account has to use a few more raid cans than the other

Ive literally thought bots, easy defs and hard defs, scores are not working as intended

Aye I’m in agreement with Clemo. I’ve taken out teams with multiple S-class and got 24-27 until that last raid.


you only have to go on your leaderboard and check out the wins ratio to trophy scores…

It’s actually disgusting that certain players have been targeted or bugged to only get small amount of trophies, a way to make the player spend to get more refills etc

Indeed, highest historical team grade

you can see im 9 ahead on wins yet im down 600+ trophies

im not going for 1st or 3rd place as i have Priya s-class already but there is clearly something wrong with this

and please understand, its not team grade, i have fought fights with 2 class toons and still only got 21 trophies … there is clearly a problem and its not just me seeing it

#1 25.4 average
#2 26.4 average
#3 26.9 average

Even here Im in the wrong bucket

Something does seem off with yours. I am averaging 27.5 points per raid and you are sitting at 21.4.

Though like I said, the exact same team, whether it is a bot or their real defense has been giving me the same 41+ scores for at least 2 individuals

Opie’s absolutely right. Trophies are at least partially based on your highest team grade compared to the opponent’s highest team grade. The greater the difference, the more trophies you get for beating them. Even if their defense is a single Axel when you beat them.

Beta version vs live may be skewing the results further right now.

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So if you have top team in your region you are at a huge disadvantage for raid tourney?

I havent updated my beta on that account cos the other account has and its on a never ending loop

I’m getting 18-20 points per raid right now and have more wins than players with 1000+ more points. Fighting bots so theres no way to guess on team grades to skip either.

i mean, i have pete S Class, Priya S class on my team so then its possible i guess thats why im low down on trophies but in all honesties … thats a bucket of shit if thats the case …

so im paying to get better toons, paying to upgrade them, playing and paying for cans to bolster training grounds and now i will be paying for more raid cans if i want to compete over other players?

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With tracking what teams / bots give you trophies I’ve just been using my infinitely available food to skip to the people who give the most trophies at this point. Highest for me has only been 34 trophies. Makes me curious to see what others in the region have been getting comparatively if we hit the same person. Would be interesting to chart.

Scopely should just make it a WIN ratio event, these points are CLEARLY present to manipulate purchase/winners etc

I used to get 25-28. Increased my team to s12+ and I’m getting 22-23 max. People above me have 20-30 less wins but more points. Smh. This is not fair. When you hit bots, how are you to tell what team grade you are hitting?

@GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely @ForumAdmin please help fix this issue before the next raid event

It should be changed to be based on actual attack team vs defence team strength, so defeating a stronger team with a weaker one gives more trophies, rep, food & wood and defeating a weaker/easy team will give less.

Similarly, losing to a stronger team will lose you less rep and losing to a weaker one will lose you more.

Problem with that is it makes it easier to win with a mini alt than with my main :slight_smile: