Raid rewards...what?

Imma just leave this bs here…what are you doing scopely?

They’re raid rewards?


Best raid rewards in a while


You my bad :triumph: was rage typing but these are ridiculous

Sarcasm? Cause from 3 pulls for 1st to 6th of a pull for 16th is ridiculous


Stop expecting rewards to be fed to you, if you really want good rewards participate


Who cares about 5* tokens? The mods are the actual rewards


Lol these are the best rewards for a solo event in the longest time. Don’t look at five star tokens in the first slot. We have never had a mix of five star tokens, mods and bennies together. If you not happy with these, you might as well quit.


What i see here is 8 anti-bleed/resist to trait as a first place, but 6 benies is like 3 times what i got from war pulls in 2 wars.

I agree with PlatinumChip. Good rewards.
It’s been a while since we had such nice rewards.
I almost did a back flip when I noticed it, but then I realised I was lying on my bed, and I can’t do a backflip while I’m lying on the bed.
That’s physically impossible.
I mean I could try, but I will surely fail.


Well considering they are updating the 5* wheel soon those tokens might come in handy if you save them


Definitely the best rewards of the 3 minor tournaments (lu, raid, sr)

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Hmmm the wheel is about to change dude I think they are good


i kinda used my all benies to lvl up regina so i could use them

The rewards are fine. I like the 1-15 set up but the 16-50 needs to go back to 16-100. No region is that dead and I don’t think it’s worth it to waste cans past 2400 unless making a run for first.

I mean if your willing to pay for cans for mods why not just put that cash towards a mod deal. It’s cheaper and you get more of them. They recently had a $5 for 10 deal on mods.


Let me fix that for you:


I slightly agree with OP.

The mods and the Benny’s are perfect for that placement but they definitely could have gave a few more five star tokens.

There are still new people to the game(not many) so you want to help them progress. Even if that wheel is outdated.

Lol what would you find better? Of course more is always ideal in a reward system but i mean 5* tokens, mods, and bennys…not seeing any issues. And i also like the bit of change in rankings but still think if we must have 51-… they deserve a bit more 51-250 is way to wide a range and the activity in a 51st is way more than 250. 51-125 126-… idk still seems your too limited in how many ranks can be awarded and are shoving it in. But none the less looking 2 silver with chance at gold mods and Benny isnt bad for minimal effort. Good improvement

I like the new ranking system. Only thing I would maybe change is have 2nd place it’s own rank reward. But, I think this is a awesome change.

Not a fan on the new ranking.
I know people get all wet for mods but I mostly pick up shiiet. These michelle specific mods are the only ones that got me nice stuff cuz its usually crit mods or crit chances or anti-def/anti-atk down or color specific strenghts and I just can’t.
If the wheel is updating they should be giving MORE 5* TOKENS, heck they should be giving them out like candy already. But nah, so many effin’ wheels and for what?