Raid rewards what are they

Was wondering if anybody had info

They are for the upcoming typhoon event, which starts at Wednesday

Can you post screens ?

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Thanks :yum: more garb yay

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Exactly what I was thinking Smh

@GR.Scopely There needs to be an additional award in milestones for weapon tokens, refills or trainers like the old times. Torches have undervalued that spot, now i am not asking for torches to be removed but an additional 4th spot for them to be added.

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Where’s that big pile of Dino poo

Don’t think it’s only men that use them my friend.

Just commenting on behalf of a friend.

Never said it was only men who used them

The Dino poo are the beads. You’ll get 70% of what you need for what they are for then you’ll need to buy the rest in the shop.

Ooo that better not be true… sr and lvl up have been giving keys… i was ready to unleash my raid cans for solo raid tonight… i might cry if they do 5* tokens for first place

Oh my lord they look horrible.

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