Raid rewards to be changed

Could we consider a flat 10 reputation points for a win and 10 for a loss rather than the rediculous win 6 , lose 25 that is currently in place. It seems a rediculous imbalance.

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Or simply make rep useful, it’s pointless


Why are so many people seem to be concerned about rep? it does absolutely nothing but tick your rank up or down. which itself still doesnt do much


It doesn’t make them money they won’t care.

Some factions won’t recruit you if you don’t have high rep

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The high facs I know focus on your ability in war and see how well you score there

Maybe I just suck then is why I get told about rep lol

10 won’t cut it I’m 100k behind 1st sitting in 4th, why oh why did Strictly Business move in back in the day then move out leaving a peep who retired lmao😂

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Its not 6 for win and 25 for loss … its only that if you raid the player that have lower rep than you. … but if you raid the player that have higher rep than you, you get 25 for win and loss 6 for losing…:v:


We should have milestones prizes for every amount of rep reached at least, or make reputation useful for something else


Problem is if your near the top you always match players below you, not that I care🤔

Almost, there’s some scaling involved, if you win against someone with the same rep as you, it’s 12 or 13 for a win or loss, the further you are apart in rep the more The scaling is relatively quick though, i think you hit max at 200-300 rep difference already, which is nothing for most regions.

In principle, the system makes sense (if you can consistently beat someone much higher than you, they should not be much higher than you). In practice, it doesn’t really work, among others because of ghosting and retired players falling out of the matchmaking as team grades increase

What about the higher rep players who have now retired.
Try passing them up ugh.

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