Raid Rewards Still Dropping Cake


Instead of the single map required for the Ascendable Andrea collection


I have no use for these cakes due to the cake collection being completed already.


I’ll trade you for my extra cakes for that single map

You can’t have your cake & eat it too



I agree, 20+ wasted cans later and getting a mix between cakes and basic tokens like who tf wants that!?


Your standings on the cake leader board will still increase tho…


Good point, But most of us are ranked in the 1000 plus region & a few cake isn’t going to make a difference. Now if you were ranked top 20, top 10 then yes the cakes may make a difference.

Unfortunately these cakes will not tickle my butthole or my rankings for that matter.



At least you have other options for obtaining Andrea. It’s not like you’re looking for a Michonne head.


Too soon bro, too soon. Still hurts…


#triggered :cry::sob:


Cant hold my tears back… wait! I actually pulled negan two times from the 5* Tokens… but now he is worthless. :sob::sob:


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