Raid rewards? Haven't received em

Still have not received my rewards for raids. My faction finished top ten and we got nothing. I expect at least the raid cans we used back if your gonna screw us

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4th thread made over the same thing smdh.


Any official response from this debacle

Read the giant post right above yours? That’s pretty official. :laughing:


Still no rewards.

Still nothing here but you can bet you bottom I’m still getting over priced offers and other unwanted pop ups thrown at me.

Y’know, the pop ups they dialled down in the update that seem to come just as frequently if not more so.

Really hit a turning point this weekend. This game is just not fun anymore and if you can’t even get what you play for, what’s the point?


Still no rewards

Still nothing. What was the point of taking part in this raid bullshit?

Yup same here

Seriously, Scopely. The raid tournament system shouldn’t be buggy. It’s your initial tournament. As you’re proudly letting us know, we’ve been raiding for three years! Release the prizes AND the standings so that I can ss and spreadsheet the scores. This may all be my fault for actually going top milestone in fac tourneys. Lol. Shouldn’t have screwed with the meta. :wink:

It hasn’t been 24 hours yet. I don’t get why people are still complaining.

Because there’s no history of this. Our faction gets rewards roughly an hour after the tournament ends like clockwork. When 2 tourneys end at the same time, rewards arrive within minutes of each other. The raid tournament ended 21 hours ago, rewards should’ve arrived 20 hours ago when the levelup rewards did. And we’ve heard nothing from Scopely or JB not that I think we would have. Just like anything else, customer service means nothing so yes people will complain.

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Because there has never been a delay like this before.

I’m going to take a wild guess and say those that are complaining about complaints already got theirs

And still no rewards!!!

They said to wait 24 hours. It hasn’t been 24 hours. Who cares if there is no history of it. They acknowledged the issue and gave an update.

And still not 24 hours.

thing is if someone who didnt get them left their fac or transferred to another region they will likely lose out on them all together lol

They will lose out. We have a crafting faction. Told my team not to leave till they come in

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Havent gotten mine either, but yet I knew why 2 hours after tourney end :thinking::thinking::thinking: