Raid rewards changed?

Had the faction all lined up to take a run at top spot or second, rewards popped up… screw that.

Another weekend of not wasting / buying cans.

Thanks Scopely


Yeah scopely out here playing some sick jokes

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WTF are those??? HAHAHA

I’ll wait the 20 minutes for “server sync”

Scopely has proven as recently as this week they have the ability to change rewards at their discretion.


Are these the rewards for this event or are we waiting for server sync?


These are shiiiiiiiiiitttttt


How am I meant to keep my faction motivated and engaged for this shit !?!?!?


Hoping this a mistake, bc these are seriously the most garbage rewards in a long time. And that’s saying something, since we see straight trash rewards for 90% of events these days.


I don’t understand what Scopely are playing at. Factions were getting excited about a raid tournament for the first time in forever and now nobody is bothered.

Better rewards means more engagement and potentially more spending too as some people will buy cans to compete. Why don’t Scopely get that? It’s not like any of those toons were going to break the game.

Even without the toons, more tokens and more collectibles might have been worth fighting for but why put effort in for half a useless 5* or less collectibles than they’ve been giving out on a roadmap? That kind of crap should be for 10th place not 1st.


I understand that 50 cones is laughable.


I don’t think rank rewards should be outrageously high until they start collectables in milestones. Otherwise Top 2 facs are going to run away with the competition, and in some regions that’s half the region lol. Wanting high -amount rank rewards of collectables without an alternative way of getting them is turkeys voting for christmas.

Not saying they shouldn’t be boosted, but it really needs to be paired with the promised milestones so Bottom-everyone-elses aren’t getting left behind


I’m shocked people are shocked!



The boys showed us this week they have the ability to change rewards after an event has started, how about you ask them to show us that trick again?

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Not currently installed. I am curious what the rewards are?

This what happens when you have kids posting is this reward box right?

Reading comprehension. :grinning:

Meh. Not even slightly surprised let alone shocked lol I said to my faction not to get their hopes up. It still sucks though.

I went the opposite, when vk posted the rewards I posted a all hands on deck to the faction…

What a let down.

So, nobody will need to spend on refills so that’s nice

Still no replies ?

@JB.Scopely @ForumAdmin

Como clientes del juego esto es realmente una burla! Aveces pienso que les gusta perder jugadores.

We have 650 for rank 1 in level up, 150 for rank 1 in raids, raids is a joke but joke is on scopely @ForumAdmin @ForumModerator @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely @Andrea_Scopely @Shawn.Scopely @TayTron @topher we get to save cans and dont have to buy any cans. Take this to the team, :poop: rewards = no motivation. No motivation = no competition. No competition = no spending. No spending = no money for scopely. It is not a hard equation to figure out.


Es un chiste para sus clientes