Raid Reward - Thank you for nothing


Thanks for this shit. A free weekend, like every for weeks


First place half a gold coin pull :man_facepalming:t2:


but the level up rewards are good and the events run together

I honestly don’t think its bad if you consider the fact that theres 2 events running.


well can you post them?



So much for the consideration of milestones being lowered in LU’s lol


What a load of ass. For BOTH events. Milestones still out in space, and who the f**k needs radios??!? Seriously.


i mean they are better than last time? atleast we get a 5 star pull or 5 star for top 10…

not great by any means but they aren’t as bad as previous


yeah thats fair, atleast they went upwards this time and not down… but honestly the milestones are unbelievably high… thought that would end after the dwight event but nope.

Also does anyone know what the bags for raid tournement contain?


They are “listening to us” guys… “things are gonna improve”… “it will get better”… “change is coming”… blah blah blah lip service as usual.


100% lol would you like a frozen steak or a partially cooked steak? Answer: neither lol

As I’m not the biggest bitching person in the world seeing my game fallout like airplane waste from 30k feet up like a frozen turd asteroid sucks!

I just want people to enjoy the game again that’s all :man_shrugging:


The liveops guys must be some of the most miserable sob’s on the planet, I mean damn guys…


Hahahahaha…you are funny…what do you want with the lvl up rewards…also shit


I’m just happy to atleast get a 5 star pull… i said it wasn’t great but they are better than previous


Live ops be like


The bags are the same old shite… flaks/beanies, school bags/walkies, alpenstock/waist toolkit/etc. The raid bags are food. Guess that’s their answer to our issue with resources…


Just wait till you see the erika roadmap lol… burt as a reward


Now we’re talking!! :grinning::grinning::grinning:


Those are some awesome rewards. :blush:


Soon this will become the norm for all event rewards, and even the super whales will start to wonder why they bother pulling for premiers.

There is a small chance, that this is new conditioning … so that when they ramp up the rewards around Christmas they are expecting everyone to go into boxing month mode and buy buy buy lol.