Raid reward milestones

I would say they were improved for such a short event. Thanks Scopely I was needing legendary medals. What do you guys think?


Not too bad actually.

I just thought since we’re always complaining about rewards we should take note of when they’re better

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We do but 100x worse, for every time they are good

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Best milestones in a while and I don’t mind the prizes that much. Yes it’s rng but toons like pam and denise could help ftp players.

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They are better to say the least and you can see the difference between Toc region and non toc, but that wont forgive romanov

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I think League points are a very underrated reward as you can buy a ton of gear which is really the only way to get gear for me besides the first place bags in crw.

It is an improvement, no complaints on those rewards.

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When these are good rewards :joy::joy: they have finally broke yall

What’s your idea of good?

Something usable I have millions of medals insane amount of mods cans up the ace maybe a new wheel with decent charecters ? Or even a stash … anything exciting besides this . Lame old boring bs just more of it

I ddnt have enough gold medals to ascend anyone, now have over 1000 to ascend 3 , as far as milestones are concerned, the amount if golds given out i was happy with. They wont particularly help everyone but they are better than they have ever been.

My only complaint is Ulysses instead of Lilith but as long as they keep rotating them like they have been it’s fine. The wheel could have better toons but Pamela is pretty good. I think tons of players are short on legendary medals so that was a good improvement

I have 3800 gold 4.5 million silver lol I don’t accendable garbage toons

With a .5 percent chance I doubt you get an accendable and if you do it’s probably gonna be Mal

Then id say my roster is alot bigger than yours, you cannot say those prizes arnt good when they have never been better

I already have Kal but for those who don’t I think he’s very underrated

You’re only hurting yourself by keeping that many medals. Missing out on tons of level up points

Would probably give them more of a chance at those ascendables even at .5 chance lile the rest of us.

Lol I have like 15 6 stars t4 level 1