Raid results still broken2.0


Raid results still broken


@JB.Scopely I thought this had been fixed a while ago.


Nah havent even got acknowledgement yet, at least not on any post ive made about it


It’s been like this for a while, why did you think it would get fixed within 6 days?


Not expecting an instant fix obviously, but so far from what ive seen the bug hasnt been acknowledged / seen aka wont be fixed as he hasnt “passed it to the team”


Its not a bug tho…


The raid log is supposed to be incorrectly showing all characters at full hp? Yeah, you’re a genius. We could just close this thread now


it shows what characters attacked you. health is irrelevant. Youre right tho @JB.Scopely please close this thread


Bump @JB.Scopely has the bug been communicated to the team yet?


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