Raid results still broken


When I go to check the raids (health bars / how many characters are left) regardless of whether I am looking at a defend / loss or a raid that I did, the team is always shown with full health which is false. Been this way for at least a month. (and before anyone says it no they arent dropping rep or whatever bc it wouldn’t show my team with full health also (especially since I dont have a healer on offense)

Raid results still broken2.0



Bump, so its easier to rebump in the morning when jb is on


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It just shows you the team make up post raid, the health is redundant


Not if you want to see how your team performed. It’s useful to know that, even if you aren’t defending, you’re not leaving the attacker with 5 men standing


why does it matter if you killed one person or if you killed none? you still won. With the introduction of friendly raids, the stats we see from faction members outweigh what happens in raids. this also allows for more less scouting of enemies before wars


I’m talking about logs for viewing how your defence performed.

If, during war, my attacker keeps all five team members alive, I lose 240 health and (with 1000 total) go down in just five hits.

If, however, I can kill two of his attackers but he still wins, I only lose 120 health and it therefore takes nine hits. That means someone needs to hit me a second time, and I stay alive at least another couple of minutes while the cooldown occurs, or more likely longer while they hit my faction mates and then come back to finish me. That affords me the opportunity to score more points, take a tower etc etc.

So there is actually a lot of value in understanding how many of the attackers team your defence is killing from the Raid Log. It’s also nice seeing whales with premium set-ups only just scraping past my well tuned F2P defence, but that’s not the real reason for it.




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