Raid Reputation gone worst

This game is crap. Why did I lose so much reputation to opponents with a team grade higher than me while I managed only a little gained (6 reputation) through revenge or new one (lost between 25 to 32 reputation). I don’t understand the mechanics of raid. what is the teams size here? Please explain something.thank you anyway!

Reputation is meaningless dont even sweat it


Yeah, maybe reputation meaningless and important for enjoy the game but cmon reputation let you living up for your self and your faction.

If you really care just start ghosting you will get it up in no time

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If someone with more rep than you beats you they gain 6 rep from you. If they lose to you, you gain 25 rep.

If someone with less rep than you beats you they gain 25 rep from you. If they lose to you, you gain 6 rep.

If you raid someone with more rep than you and win you gain 25 rep, if you lose you lose 6 rep.

If you raid someone with less rep than you and win you gain 6 rep, if you lose you lose 25 rep.

If you reps are close, it’s usually about 9 rep either way.

It is not based on team grade or strength. It’s based on rep.


I know that, but some reasons that principle do not apply, such as i defeating an opponent who previously lost my 25 reputation, but still I get 6 reputation. Weird and annoying😅
Ty anyway for your explained

Btw how your profile hidden or ghost like you say. I wanna try😁

Just keep your food and materials at minimum is how I’ve always heard too much work for me. Oh and try to attack only bots so you dont get revenge on.


Oh. Okay… This just i see this time. More player do such thing in raid events

I get 20 or 21 sometimes if their rep rank is only two to three different from mine.

If you someone raids you and you lose 25 rep, you won’t get 25 back. You’ll get 6 back if you raid them. That principle applies every single time.
Btw, rep is really meaningless at this point. Keep your food and materials low, don’t raid people (raid bots instead) and you won’t be raided.

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or just raid everything you can beat and stop caring about rep

Yeah it alters slightly when you are closer in rep

Thank you for your feedback, btw im indonesian. i dont understand what “bots” (raid bots instead) like you say? I search and translate i dont get it??:rofl::rofl::rofl:
Whats you mean?

I do that when raid event bro, but still i feel really pain if lose 25 to opponent​:grin:. Yeah really hard to me if someone take more rep to me! :joy:

I meant that if you don’t wanna be raided by anyone, you should:
Keep your resources low;

Not raid players (so that they can’t revenge you). Instead you should raid bots (they usually have normal names like Sean, Judith etc - regular names). You’ll know they’re bots because you won’t have that “info” icon right next to their name (the icon that lets you see their profile). They’re also not in any faction and their rep is very similar to yours.

But like I said, rep really gives you nothing and caring about it is pointless

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I get it. Tyy for ur feedback. yeah ,you know strategy like this not everyone knew it. :grinning: