Raid Rank Trophies not populating to league milestones

I and a few of my faction mates are missing rank trophies from the raid event. The numbers are not matching from screen to screen in game. For example, on my milestone Screen it says I am 72k short of 800k, but on my profile page is says I am at 744k so only about 56k short.

I’m having the same issue. I earned about 37k trophies from where I placed in the raid event. It shows on my prophile, but not on my milestones. I just sent support a message and pics.

same. on my profile i have 787k, but i`m 54k short in milestones. i just cannot understand how incompetent this company can be, Jesus

Same should be only 2k short on the last milestone but it’s still 22k and i need to use sr cans for the missing points on the next event if it doesn’t get fixed.

I have had this issue the whole of last week. None of the trophies I earned in the solos came through

I was about to make the same thread. 15k solo trophies i got from solo raid tournament didnt updated the Milestone Rewards screen. But after comparing total trophies i got in Season 1 from my profile tab, the difference is 24096 trophies thats not counted towards final milestone. @JB.Scopely how long does it take to update this score?

As you can see i`m missing 41,954 season trophies/ When will this be fixed @JB.Scopely? Do i get the milestone when my profile reaches 800k or am i getting screwed?

Just adding a comment so this doesn’t get lost in Andrea-gate :slight_smile: still no correction to milestones over here post-raid event

@JB.Scopely @Shawn.Scopely :thinking:

Up @JB.Scopely

Teniamo vivo questo thread che è importante

I personally still have this problem milestones doesn’t show correctly.
The good news are i reached today the 800k milestone (profile pic) and received the last milestone 13k season tokens also if my milestones tell that im 20k short (raid event points missing).
It seems that it’s only visual wrong but still counts right but i can only talk for myself.

I’m sorry this does not impact scopely bottom line so no action is required

So the survival road trny just ended and again the trophies weren’t reflected on the milestone board BUT they did reflect on my profile. The amount on my profile pushed me over the 800k milestone and I was still awarded the milestone season tokens. So, I’m with Flash Gordon who posted earlier that it seems that the game is paying attention to your profile points and not the visual on the milestone page.

You all remember the Cake and Candle leaderboards? The same Super Sophisticated Ultra Exact scheme is in use here.

Hence the results :crazy_face::rofl::joy:

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I’m sure I finished 5th in Survival Road but the app crashed after the Level Up results were displayed. I have no idea how many trophies I need to reach the last milestone.

It just seems to be more frustration than enjoyment with this game. :angry::angry:

Pull up your player profile and click on “League” at the bottom. This page will show you how many trophies you’ve earned. When you hit 800k here, that’s when you get the milestone reward.

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Might as well just lube up now cause youre prob getting screwed :joy:

i got the milestone reward at 800k in profile, so its all good, its just a visual glitch

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