Raid points lowered

Can I ask why the points received has dropped, is this a sneaky % drop to waste more cans and to improve our experience

This is as good as I can get now that’s like a 20% drop i.e. a 20% increase in amount of cans used. Please explain


I think @LadyGeek said it depends on the difference between your best 5 vs their best 5. The bigger the difference the lower the points

Weak opponents = less points
Stronger opponents = more points

Not true. Sometimes i attack bot with 5x4* cassidy and get 42 trophies

Bot teams are copies of real teams. If a strong player drops def and you raid their bot team you will still get a lot of trophies.


No peeps it has changed, I only match against top 25 in region, and I have been pushing a lot lately for collectible rewards, it’s dropped hugely, 5 points might not sound a lot but that’s 20% it’s just wrong

Whats your team grade?

You nailed it @Karl_Vella, why I ever question @LadyGeek idk, team grade now S13++ that’s it geez, my apologies all I am a (insert name here)

I posted about this last week and people acted like it’s always been this way. No, it hasn’t. Since I added s class toons to my team I am getting a huge drop in trophies. “Attack people with higher team grades than you.” Can’t see team grades when all you get are bots… :thinking:

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We’re paying the price for in my case grinding my ass off and being good at LU :frowning:

It is backwards for the incentive they tried to make. I assume they wanted to reward players for aiming high on raids which is ok but what about the top people?

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It’s ridiculous and unfair. I’d have no issue with hitting higher grade teams If regular people showed up in raid events. But they dont.

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I’ve been getting loads between 30-36

Wait a minute… How is this different from people moving to dead regions to farm rewards, or intentionally drop divisions for easier arenas. Very few complained about this because they benefited from it. Now, for once you pay the price. But hey, lets complain that it is backwards.

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They are all backwards and people have complained it extensively including me. I am sure I can find the thread I created about how dumb reward structure was in leagues and how people in p1 getting better rewards than people in d5 was ridiculous. Of course people were going to drop.

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I’ve been saying this for a long time. To progress in this game you cannot be active (unless you spend) or in an active region because they don’t differentiate between rewards.

You are one of 10000 who have complained not sure where you have been. It has been a hot issue forever. Maybe this wave thing will be start of tiered rewards i dont know have to see.

Never, or at most rarely, people have complained here. Most are happy to be in a dead region for easy rewards. Haven’t seen people complaining that for example a demoted D5 player gets less coins than a P1 player.

Just cause you arent seeing dont mean it isnt happening.

What’s your team rang?