Raid points, how

How are they calculated?

I’m in second with 60 more victories than the first, and he has 200 points more omg

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PRetty sure they are calculated in team strenght, for example if you raid someone with a team of S14 you might get 35 points and if you defeat a S16 you can get around 39 points.

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Historical highest team strength, not current team strength and it might be relative to your own historical team strength too.

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nice, i’m the highest team (besides my faction)
this is unfair
I spent much more gallons for NOTHING because no one has higher team

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Yep same here #1 in my region has 298 wins = 8k, while I’m at 245 wins = 5.8 k. It’s a penalty for having a strong team.

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Discovered that 2 guys ( the top 1 in raid s11 and another s14) are lowing defenses. Then the s11 earn more than 30 per raid. This should be illegal. Just see the logs

Yes I forgot to mention that, thank you for pointing that out.

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Exact The same here, you pay for having a strong team, makes no sense and should work the opposite way

I thought it was highest possible team so that even if you drop it doesn’t matter

Ok I dropped all my teams down to s12 max and did start getting 29 points per raid sometimes, so I was wrong before. Happy hunting

The top 1 has 2 accounts and its using the strongert’s low def to Win with the weaker

This should be ban, unfair

I doubt he dropped his alt accounts shield 400 times. He knows how to auto raid

If They can beat better teams, without spend a lot $$, they are better. It work like it should.

Skills > $$

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This suckksss

Seems broken. It should be based on the team you’re using not your highest rated team. I can make an s16 team but would never raid with it, use an s12 mostly

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While i agree it needs to fixed/changed, people are really going crazy for these 5* weapon tokens? :man_facepalming:

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Yeah you can do pretty sick builds with the new effects, my servers first and second are close to 20k

This wasn’t really an issue because most players were always within a point of each other. Now you have s12 beating s17.

Hey if people wanna waste cans for those armory tokens then ok, they only support this behaviour and tell scopely they like this tho.

We all have 200+ from wars and the general raid rewards were bad. They are just trying to get a headstart.