Raid points difference

Why such a difference between 2 and 3.
Both about 170 raids.
We are both S12

They are killing opponents who have a higher level team than the ones you kill so earn more points.


He’s raiding C teams, as I am. Only difference is reputation.

Same here

It’s not about the teams you raid, it’s about the players you raid.

Beating a C team by a player with historical max grade S8++ will give you fewer points than one with a historical max grade S15. (Similar to arena, where scores are based on the highest team grade the player ever had, not on the score of the team they have in that arena)

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Ok. By team I mean historic team. Not the cr*p lowered def you might actually see.

There have been many, many previous threads about this elsewhere. Try the search function.


And that’s why I dont lower def. I average 27.1 pts per raid. Many average more than 30pts.

It is a lot of point difference, to have only 6 attack difference and to have an average 166 points received per attack, it is a lot.

2nd averages 28.9 points per raid 3rd averages 23.4.

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I get 43 points sometimes. If some people only get 25 for a win, it soon adds up.

@DeVF1296 @Joo @Psy_ops

I have tracked some raids and plotted/regressed a few raids and team grade differences here: Raid turney is not fair

Might be of interest to you. Summary: team grade difference matters a lot, each full grade difference adds about three points to the score. There is also a possibility that after you beat an opponent with a much higher team grade, the next battle (usually against someone close to your own grade) is increased as well.

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