Raid or not? Since last update

Raid? For what???
I am raiding same player, lower level and rep. then me for, 4-5 times the same tachtics and no win??? I have the same player (his player stun mines even if i have mods with stun). What is this ??? Since last update this sucks. I am seriously thinking to stop raiding, and if more of this scheme to sell continues i am quiting this game. I understand that you have to make money but this is greedy. Sorry if i have done errors with my english.

Raid a different player? A player’s level/rep means nothing. It’s all about their team synergy and weapons.

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He means he’s raising the same people because raising only gives u like 5 different people to raid

Ehh I know he said English isn’t his first language, but to me, he’s definitely saying he’s raiding the same exact player over and over.

Even if that’s not the case, he should keep refreshing. You don’t get the same 5 people constantly if you keep refreshing. (Unless you go into a raid, and then it resets again.)

Lol I do, same bots too

You may think you’re getting the same 5 bots, but you’re not. Many teams run the same lead, so it’s easy to think that you’re getting 1 same player when multiple Carl led teams could indicate multiple different teams.

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I can get the same name three times in a row including spending food to refresh (maybe more but I give up at that point), which is, shall we say annoying?, and shouldn’t really be allowed. There is something not working correctly in the raiding opponent selections.

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I’m assuming you’re talking about bots right? (Because I’ve never gotten the same non-bot player twice in a row, as that’s the point of “finding a new enemy.”)

Bot names mean nothing. The same team can have different bot names, or different teams can have the same bot name. It’s just a selection from a pool of names that would indicate a bot.

Eg: Amie is a bot name. Enemies with the name Amie aren’t all the same team.

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He is complaining because he can’t beat a dude that have a Lydia lead, two human shields, and like two other taunt/confusion + bonus hp toons laying in wait. Not because he keeps pressing “Search new player” and the same player appears to him over and over. Which, only happen two times to me and that is in a raiding period of four hours(endless raiding from 0 to 2400 trophies)

Well, not Lydia but a strong def team which he can’t seem to crack. That, and he keeps getting stunned every time even though he have stun resist. Which is all luck my friend.

P.S. @Verdeiwsp Yeah, I once did a search new player after finding a bot named Samson. His lead was blue but the new person it found was a bot with five number difference on the raiding ranking. His name was Samson too but was lead green toon.

For bots, raid ranking also means nothing. It’s often a difference in single digits from your own raid rank.

So my actual raid rank at 40 will get me bots around 40-50. Another person’s raid rank at 100 will get bots around 100-110. The team strength of the bots is also relative to your maximum team strength as well.

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No no no, I know it means nothing. Just pointing out that I notice that he had a different ranking. I know bots appear close to my own ranking which is pretty obvious once you refresh your enemy every so often. But thanks anyway for pointing it out for others. Some may not know that fact(I remember like it was yerterday when I discover the 5* weapon research for epic weapons on armory and freaked out, only to discover it have been there for quite a while)

But, bots aren’t really relative to my own maximum team strenght. They copy other players teams. My main teams are ranked S1 and even then I face way broken teams made of Lydia leader and human shields.

So far, the more people place their main team as “trainers” or lower ranking. The higher chances a bot will be trainers too. If I were to change my main team to trainers a bot out there will change to be trainers too. That is how we are looking at bots anyway.

But, once again. This resolution came through the whole region trying to understand this issue and a few forum threats. Could be wrong though. But bots have been giving way more stronger toons than me. Fully equiped with golden mods even though I don’t have enough mods nor do I have such broken toons to put as main team or weapons as broken either.

Seriously. So many abs def weapons with 35% def and huge bonus when defending… alongside having mods giving them 65% resist for both stun and impair alongside 550 def.

Bot teams copy player’s teams who’s maximum strength is similar to your maximum strength.

What team are you using that is S1? My team is S8 at best, and I don’t get those tank bot teams ever.

5* level 28 tier 3 yellow ascendable Duane as leader
5* level 18 tier 3 green Negan “All out war”
5* level 61 tier 3 green ascendable Glenn “a larger world”
5* level 51 tier 3 green ascendable Anna
5* level 20 tier 3 green Michonne “Prestige Edition”

There’s no way you should be getting that tough of bots. It’s possible for you to get tough Lydia teams while fighting real players, but your bots should be around S1 if that is the strongest team you’ve put together.

Can give you pictures. But that is how it have been with me. It have been theorised that the more players change their teams to lower ranks the more bots that appear to you are copies of them(if they are close to you in ranking) which seemed to hold true after a few raid tournaments.

It’ll be hard to get pictures now because there isn’t a raid tournament going. Bots primarily show up during raid tournaments because of the lack of player enemies who are unshielded.

The tactic you’re talking about is based on your defense team. So many max team is S8. If I set a full trainer team on defense, other players who have a max team of S8 may get a bot version of my trainer team when they are raiding.

The opposite, however, is not the same. Raiding with an S1 team, when your max is S8, will not get you S1 bots. The bots you get will always be based off your maximum team rank, and the player that the bot copies is based off their maximum team rank.

I’m not exactly sure if that answers your question in terms of the tactic that you’re using, as I don’t know if you’re using a S1 team on offense to try and get S1 bot teams when raiding, or your S1 team is truly your toughest team in your roster.

Wait, so you mean my attack team must be low too? My attack team is S9

What I mean is my “main defense” team or the green shield team of mine is S1. But if I need to have them AND have a low rank attack team too(the team that is just there but isn’t my main defence team but use them to attack others)

Hmmmm… that would make sense but then the trainers teams kinda nuke that avenue. If it was my maximum possible ranked team then I won’t be facing trainers so much on raiding tournaments.

P.S. Kinda like the fact that you can get to S9 and keep getting that sweet sweet x3.2 league trophies even though you beat the enemy with a S8+.

No, I’m saying that the team that you attack with, or set as defense, has no impact on the enemies that you’ll be paired against.

So you attacking with an S1 team, or setting an S1 team to defense will always pair you with an S9, because your S9 is your highest team at all times. (Assuming that’s your highest.)

Other S9 players will get bot copies of your S1 team because matchmaking is paired based on your all time strongest team grade, not the actual team grade you have as your offense/defense currently.

If that’s still unclear, let me know. I’m currently helping someone move into their apartment, so I’ll try and clarify it more with a chart later.

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Trainer teams are just simply to help top players get milestones faster. You can beat a trainer team in less than 10 seconds, compared to another S9 team at 1min+