Raid opponents should match defence team rating, not best potential rating

I recently got the s-class james with those gold bricks that Scopely have handed out. However that bumped my team up a TONNE of levels (s6+ to s7++) and now even though I don’t have him on my defence team, I still get matched up against s7++ opponents, and vice versa, causing me a massive loss in reputation. I can’t attack s7++ opponents because I’m only s7++ because of my OP James, my other characters stats are that of an s6+ team. I feel that Scopely need to match up raid opponents via our defence team rating rather than your best rating, as in my situation I cannot play the game! I’m sure I’m not the only one in this situation, and I’m not enjoying this game because of it

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and I would probably still beat your s15++ team in under 30 seconds damn, what’s your in game name and faction so I can hunt you

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lol. are you in darlington? you know transfers are impossible right now.

haha yeah I actually am in darlington, so bring it on who and what faction

This would be hilarious if you turned out to be faction mates.

I agree with you. S class has ruined raiding/opponent matching. And it would also stop the nonsense of some regions lowering def in solo raid tournaments.

But get that s toon levelled. I bit the bullet and raids got easier again.

Oops. If that’s true, he might be one of the few guys who could beat my team

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haha just name yourself then if your in vv great I’ll beat you in 30 seconds, there is no s15++ in there a few s14 so from deduction of who I actually know in there and the team grade you claim to have I guess your Ethier battlesmith or chronos x name your self and I’ll get ven to let me in to embarrass you and I’ll record it and post on here for all to see

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Most people will be able to beat you soon enough. Sounds like you aren’t focussing on tactics at all with your gaming strategy.

If these s class really are as free as you make out scopes will soon release superior s class toons which leave them dead t1. Hope you’ll be able to do something to counter it with all those coins you bought.


the strategy is to get all the toons and it works very well. actually, there is no better strategy

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I was kind of hoping you would be up for the challange instead of running away with your tail between your legs

Just wait for hordes next week, those poor walkers won’t know what to do against S-class, ps rep means nothing, don’t worry get your region to drop def or skip until you find a team you can beat

ooh showdown in darlington? lemme get popcorn!

it would be a showdown stunner but he to scared

I live 20 miles from the real Darlington UK, and trust me, any showdown there would be who could steal the most hubcaps.

A few years ago a suspect device was spotted in a car there, it turned out to be a tax disc.


There are cars in Darlington now?


Yep with Wheels from the US funded by the Mexicans


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