Raid milestones

What a joke
Where is the firewood


As of now, might be limited to just LU. If so, it should be fine as long as we get enough firewood to do the roadmaps every time.

Besides you can use league coin to buy harvest tokens

Literally the worst milestones. Get lost. Bring back the museum collections. Not even the 1800 gold mod. Pathetic. I haven’t participated in a solo tournament in weeks. @JB.Scopely


Awesome tournament milestones.

Just more hot garbage. Lining up the subscription to entice you in to hopefully a better game. This has become a joke create a gear shortage to allow it to be rewards in an event you can’t even just buy cans for. Now it a couple guaranteed cans and a bunch of RNG crap. Spend those leauge coins on junk so you can spend real money on things that should be free but are not. It’s getting so frustrating just to continue to play with out throwing my phone in the garbage disposal with the constant lack of options that are not linked to charging up the credit card. It’s not a pay to win game much longer it’s quickly becoming a pay to play game. Everything has a price tag on it. Scopley killing what was a good thing to make a quick buck.


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