Raid milestones unacceptable

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One gold mod and a few trainers? Why are milestones moving backwards? This is so pathetic. Get it together please for the sake of this game.


They are always getting worse why? Cause it’s to piss off the players

Rewards are free. Gear (anything really) boxes cost money. Which is better for shamplay?

I’m sure it has to do with all the socialism of the game. They know people drop defenses for raids therefore you get trash milestones and rewards. Simple equation

Dropping defense doesn’t equate to not allocating resources… doesn’t make a difference at all really.


Why would they give good milestones knowing people are gaming the system to achieve them. They dont do that on a level up where they know people cant. Watch people start dropping defenses for Hordes and the same thing will happen to those milestones I guarantee it

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Do you not need to burn raid cans to hit the milestones on dropped defense?


Exactly. If anything dropping defense encourages more canning, everyone scores points easily then more people will can to get that advantage back.


we need more cans and the ability to earn them without spending the occasional drop in level up really doesn’t cutt if.

Nobody buys cans anymore I get all mine from war or the depot havent needed to buy cans for ages

yeah they suck, only reason i’m going hard in this stupid tourny is to get the solo trophy mission complete so i can get enough season tokens to claim Earl. Even worse when you have to do it in a region where dumbasses dont drop D :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Most in my region dont drop, like maybe 2% do, do i get better milestones now lol

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All in all, look where being complacent has got us, we accept crap milestones cause of “dropped defense” thought players united was for bettering the game overall, i do get its scopely and that might be the reason for punishing us with these milestones and rewards but hell to the no accepting it


Still don’t get the whole dropping defense as being the reason why the milestones have been lowered. Really doesn’t affect scopely in any way at all.


Same for me but I do know a lot of people who buy cans. Either don’t place 2nd enough in war or waste too many in solos going for top spot

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