Raid Milestones not nerfed =)

Is there a reason behind the nerf? Besides the fact that raid tourneys obviously dont drain enough resources of players?

I was surprised, there is usually a 2400 milestone.

They might as well do milestones up to 20k raid points these days


That’s not a nerf as the rewards are the exact same as a 2,4k milestone, why are you complaining about easier ms?


There is already somebody in my region with +18k points. :joy:

I suppose they didn’t change the milestone structure because of last week‘s 24hrs raid tourney.

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My guess was they lowered the milestones so that it would be easier to get the banners for the anniversary event. Don’t know if that’s their reason or not but that’s my guess.

Keeping the milestone reward value the same but with lower milestones is a good move, at least they didn’t half the rewards as well.

I’ve said before before a rollover milestone where for every certain amount of points over milestone you get a set reward should be something to consider. That way it would encourage and reward people for going over and above milestones.


i wasn’t doing the math, just a quick look and saw that 1,8k and 2,4k were gone. If that’s the case im happy to take back my post :slight_smile:

This is exactly it. They want to make sure every can easily earn S-Class Kenny. Raid Milestones should be achievable for everyone (including those using only free energy). I definitely appreciate this.

Humbug. Would it make a difference when the last two usual milestones were still achievable? Could’ve had added more banners or different rewards such as the missing armory tokens now.


Why isn’t top level up milestone 1.5 mil if they are doing it so we can all get it? Lol

More like they just copy pasted last weeks 24 hr raid structure


There are plenty of different things they could and should do. Improving and increasing rewards should be high on that list.

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Which 24 hour raid?

There was a 24 hr raid tourney not long ago

I agree, would be groovy when they add more (higher) milestones in every type of event. Of course not those 10 Mil lvl up milestones from the past. We can only guess what’s the reason for such low raid milestones.

Ah found it, July 11th to 12th. But they wouldn’t be copy and pasting rewards from an event a month ago when they would have rewards from many more recent raid events

I agree with all that. Increased milestones (especially in raidds when 2400 is done so easily on natural energy for most) with prizes scaling upwards (not just stretching current prizes over more milestones) would be a nice addition. And yeah without an explanation all we can do is guess why the milestones are capped at 1200 this time

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They should have done the same with the level milestones, heck that is difficult to reach, the milestone of 3 million points, in my opinion I would have wanted it to be applied with the level milestones than with raid milestones.

They can always add more milestones with more flags. It’s not like they should be afraid of handing out too many flags…

Of course they should… Kenny is attainable for all active players, but once you got Kenny, there’s cards to purchase with cakes - proliferate banners and spenders would not nother with the cash offers as much as they were now.

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