Raid milestones lol


The worst milestones I’ve seen in a while for a solo raid. The scrap milestones last solo raid had people burning cans! I’m sure most will just use natural energy for this one.


Yep utter :poop:


Awful. Not worth a single refill


Let’s hear what Travolta has to say giphy


I don’t know they are pretty expensive in the store so getting them for free is pretty sweet. :wink:


They are so out of touch. They went from leashes that gets six star gear to sandpaper


But you also get a chance at a spray paint… however it is probably like 0.03% and the rest of us are getting the super glue.


The shop really needs to be redone for 930 i should get tape and kit


One thing good is with the way things have been going and how bad rewards are it’s making me not want to play as much and giving me free time for other things


Very true dude more time to live my actual life


…and I got my super glue.

:-1: Scopely


Sarcasm level: over 9000


Can for scraps or for seeding?


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