Raid milestones improvement

Thank you for including more torches! This is definitely needed. If the PC had anything to do with this input, thank you as well.


Drop crates are nice too


yup just noticed one! Improved milestones is a refreshing sight! A step in the right direction, if PC had a hand in this, thanks a lot

Got 20 blue keys from 3rd pull


I will reserve that praise for when I get some key pulls :joy::joy::joy:

Just getting it in before I find some reason to retract it lol


One may always have a reason to retract it since its RNG dependant :joy:, By now everyone should expect scopely to add a bit of rng into everything, they love it too much. The fact that the crate is there, its good.

Edit- opened mine, got 250 gear tokens, i take my words back :rofl:

It’s fine in small doses. RNG will-I-get-a-prize-or-not is overdose though


Haha. It’s okay. I’m sure you will get some keys. Considering they are selling 5 keys for 75 coins, this is a great step.

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This thread is such a little slice of paradise for today :rofl:

Lmao. Well why can’t we just have nice things like this :joy::joy::joy:

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I got 80 from lats war

Yea. War is a lot harder to grind than a raid tournament. Imo, this is exactly what they needed to do in order to show they are serious about letting f2p players have access to Pete.

Popped two cans, 5 crates and 40 keys. Solid.

What crates lol? Dropped like 3 cans and nothing

LOL i got 3 with 6 energy

Lol def rng. Dropped four in one can and then none on two.

All good but:

  1. Would be nice to see rank 1; 2-5; 6-10;11-100 or even 150
  2. More 5* tokens for lower ranks
  3. And finally 4 slots with rewards NOT 3 from 4 years
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Yea. Agree the 51-250 is such a huge margin. They should definitely add more tiers.

I just opened one that had 200 keys

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Awesome. I got one of those too. Finally some excitement back. This reminds me of some old events.

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