Raid milestone need to be lowered

They are way way to high having to use 30 fills to get the last milestone is unexceptable it used to be that if u were on and used all ur natural e u could get the last milestone now u can’t and it’s bs things need to change in a positive way for the player and not for padding scopely a pockets and the prizes for the milestones should be things we really want and need such as gear we don’t have access to like to 6* gear ect


Noted, few players complained they are too low (same ones that asked for increased strength of 6*s) so mods were thinking to increase milestones by additional 30%. So expect them possibly to increase instead of getting lower milestones.

I disagree on this. Benedict does have some value and should require some time/can outlay. It’s not all that hard to push out in a few hours and can be done by anyone, new old ftp or whale. Now will a ftp be able to do it every time? Maybe maybe not depending on how much they grind and war, etc. but it’s actually doable regularly, unlike the level up milestones, which are complete (bleep), and cannot be hit without 100’s of $ or hours farming and preparing, usually a combination of both.

The goals were higher then last raid because this event is longer. Not rocket science here the weekend event is 2.5 days long.

I just got to the last milestone. Also used about 30 refills. Does seem a bit excessive. But if you want the benedict it isn’t going to be free or made easy. :facepunch::facepunch:

30 refills for a Benedict is a lot


True. But seems the way of the game now. Complaining here is making no difference. I need fodder more than I need the refills so I went for him. :+1:

not when you have 300 fills and there are only a handful of raid events over the year

You need to get more.dedicated

Evert other week I make sure to pick up the 5 cans available in the Supply Depot and only use them in Faction events. With the rarity of those I had plenty