Raid matchups since 9.0 update


Every opponent I’ve faced so far has been in a faction. Spent a ton of food trying to see If I could find 1 opponent NOT in a faction w/o success. Thought it odd that I didn’t even come across old accounts of people no longer active. Asked faction mates and only 1 person of the few to post back has been matched up with someone not in a faction. Are bots, OK copies of actual acts, no longer in system? If so, next raid event will be PITA bc most of the matches I usually find are bots or top 50 or better.


Yeah I dont seem to have raided any bots today either, one not in a faction but appears to be a real person. I don’t know if that just means my region hasn’t been very active so people are there to raid, or if something has changed with the update.

I will be keeping an eye on this over the next day or so and see how it goes, as bots are usually only there because there isn’t enough people for you to actually raid. It could be that they have changed how bots are displayed so it now shows you the info of the person the bot is a copy of.


I’m usually able to find bots just during solo or faction raids events.


I often find there are more people to raid while there’s an event running, people are just occupied elsewhere so lots of shields remain down.


Still see bots often.
Overreaction thread.