Raid Match up repeats


Is it just me? Seems like the last few raid events I keep drawing the same 10 opponents and maybe 5 bots. No matter how much I search for someone new I get the same opponents! I have a bunch of cans I could burn for my faction, but I am tired of throwing away food to try hopelessly to find different match ups! Hundreds or thousands of people to raid against and I pull the same 15. And often the same one back to back! WTF!


I get the same humans and bots coming up. However I’m quite content with that because I can beat them. It’s all relative.


Same for me ALL THE TIME.


I had to hot the same people the whole event kinda crazy they need a better ration of different players I think any ways same people I felt like I was trolling the. Because that’s all they let me have was the same people over and over again sorry guys