Raid losses.... I want to see them! Poll included

Hey @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely etc. So now that we’re supposedly in this new age wherein S-team is listening to the players, how about giving us the option to see/display our raid losses again? Taking that away was the most snowflake/participation-award move that this game has enacted. Sure, I can appreciate that some fragile 11 year olds may get too upset if forced to acknowledge that sometimes in gaming (or life) you’ll lose, the vast majority of players either could care less or took pride in their losses. Personally, I loved being a rare player over 3,000 losses because to me, it represented my longevity and my willingness to keep raiding a defense as many times as it takes to figure it out.

All that you have to do is add a toggle in the settings that allows us to display our losses if we so choose. You can even preset it to off. Let’s make it happen!

  • I want to see my losses
  • I do not want to see my losses
  • I don’t care either way

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I found it a pointless removal. I couldn’t boast low losses, but I could boast over 30k raids lol

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Yea I do agree that this was snowflake protection and like if you can’t handle seeing you losses can u even handle some of the language in the world maps

This is the smallest lowest thing on the priority list of things that need to be fixed or changed


Im not sure why anyone cares one way or another… Of all the issues in the game this is one that shouldnt even be wasting anyones energy on. Personally found it funny that people uae rep or the win vs losses as a way to judge anyone in the first place. Some people dont search out bots or easy wins - some actually test teams vs others not in faction with them etc.


To see your looses is of no use. Teams will beat you. The only thing that would help is seeing the actual raid replay to see how your team does.

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Seemed like a dumb thing to remove when they did but really it is meaningless. Bring em back, don’t being em back, this would be a very low priority with all the other issues still at large.


I used to enjoy figuring my win/loss percentage from the info. The fact that in most regions players are encouraged to drop defenses so that milestones can be more easily reached is not only a sad testament to the state of the game but makes the win loss info rather pointless.

I said it awhile ago about the need to drop defense, which I do, speaks volumes about how the balance of the game is non existent. For example: No matter what my rank, standings, prestige, or whatever the game will create bot teams with double shield/revive loop teams with top line characters that have lower rank than I.

The fact that the community has to come up with a work around, such as dropping defense, to compensate for the piss poor game design should be cause of embarrassment for the designers.


Yes! Cause i wanna talk shit to my friends about their low w/l while mine is at like 1000/10

Lol i lose more raids than i win. On a 2 to 1 ratio. On raid events ill burn 10 to 13 cans to get 10 to 15 wins. Had a huge stockpile of them. Not so many anymore . Lol my rep drops 1k or more each event

I completely agree with this post. Ever since they’ve removed loss counter, I’ve kept a running count in my memo pad on my device. It’s something I’m proud of and I want it back damnit. 1366 and counting

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I don’t care either way!
BUT let’s not forget why it was done, it was too prepare for the massive change in game play when spenders and others would start to see lose tallies increase to unseen levels they’d break.

Hey is this better then 100/1¿

I kid I’m always ducking up when posting. See had to correct this one.

Here is a raid loss for you…I can see this is what you’re into.

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Stellar team

So kinda what I figured. Most people don’t care much either way, but look at the poll. Only 8% of voters want them to keep this no raid losses setup. Easy fix.

I don’t think I have ever taken the time to see how many wins or losses the other player had. It’s pretty meaningless. Instead of losses being shown, I would love it if they showed how many defends I have gotten.


The 8% maybe the ones who spend car payments, don’t want others to see the losses?
When they changed the meta this last time they went from most winning to most losing so it would not help showing everyone is a loser? Got to make it look as though it’s only you and if you only buy that new character you can be a winner!

Who cares? losses are just a number, just like rep.

I wanted to boost my losses I got my rep down to 10k before, 3 year player

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